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Virtual Education Program 2015-2016

Letter from our education chair – join us on a journey of discovery

To all my Global One friends,

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery – a journey of re-acquaintance with ourselves, our families and our businesses. Engage this year and learn valuable steps toward knowing ourselves, even if only a little better.

  1. The initial leg of the Journey starts with a social query – “Who are you to your business?”
    When families get together and communities develop, powerful groups form. Impactful groups coalesce behind a powerful leadership and change the world in giant quantum leaps. What is Your Business Culture?
  2. The Journey’s next leg begins with an intimate query – “Who are you when with your family/partner?”
    As a powerful individual, you impact those around you; your spouse, children and parents. Relationships matter, our special people care about us, and we care about our special people. What is Your Family Culture?
  3. The final, and longest leg of this Journey starts with a personal query – “Who are you when you’re alone?”
    Here we need to learn about who we are as individuals. Armed with this information, all personal improvement efforts are amped up and enjoy staying power. What is Your Personal Culture?

While the majority of the content being curated and delivered this year will be business-focused, we have carefully selected presenters who will stay in theme, and continue to deliver World Class Education content.

Please feel free to reach out to me with comments and queries.

I am, as always, at your service,
Devlin Fenton
Education Chair for 2015/16
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