“Prospective Members – Find out why Global One is the most flexible and dynamic chapter in all of YPO.”

We provide the most flexible and dynamic chapter experience possible. Membership in Global One does not require attendance at monthly chapter meetings. Realizing that our global members have busy travel schedules, we offer quarterly Regional Dinners. Additionally, by not meeting monthly face-to-face, we can offer our members exclusive experiential trips to such places as the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, Bhutan and Haiti. Learn more about our 2016 Member Trip – the Festival of Inspiration – in Bangalore, India.

We deliver the most global and diverse chapter experience. Our members have the most diversity in terms of both geography and industry segments. As such, we do not have the business diversity or membership cap constraints of other local chapters. If your business is truly global in scope, then Global One is for you.

We are pioneering in the Forum experience. Global One provides the most flexible Forum experience in all of YPO. We offer traditional in-person monthly Forums, quarterly in-person regional Forums, a hybrid of in-person/virtual Forums and purely Virtual Forums. This allows your Forum experience to be as diverse in terms of business and geography as your Chapter.

We build community and connectivity through technology. Utilizing the internet, we offer a monthly Virtual Education Program featuring a unique educational topic and speaker, allowing you to connect with and learn from world class experts in the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, we utilize this site to share and connect with other members.

We understand monetary and time demands. Our membership dues are lower (annual dues: US$1750 primary chapter, US$1500 secondary chapter, US$500 temporary transfer member), to offset the greater need for our geographically dispersed members to travel to Global One events and meetings, and to free up our members’ budgets, allowing them to participate in more events and opportunities.

If this looks like the Chapter for you, please read our Membership Guidelines and review the YPO membership criteria* before completing an application. If you have questions about membership, please contact Chapter Membership Vice Officers Asha Saxena or Anees Ahmed.

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*Please note that every three years, the YPO membership criteria are adjusted using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). New requirements will go into effect 1 July 2016. Read more >>

Please take a moment to watch this video from Devlin Fenton, 2016-2017 Chapter Chair, introducing our recent 2016 member trip, the Festival of Inspiration, and highlighting where the Chapter is heading.

Meet Our Members
Buddy Teaster, CEO of Soles4Souls

Buddy Teaster
CEO, Soles4Souls

“Global One is a great platform for me to participate in the parts of YPO that I find the most relevant. I am able to really dig into networks in particular and I have gotten tremendous value there, including chairing a social media event in Palo Alto. Global One made it easy to be very active there and build a truly global network. Because I know what I have to offer, and what I’m looking for, Global One gives me incredible flexibility.”

Robert Grimes, CEO & President at IFBTA

Robert Grimes
CEO & President at IFBTA

“My experience in YPO is greatly enhanced by my membership in the Global One Chapter. Global One allows me to take advantage of everything that YPO has to offer while I focus on my global business, international networking and travel schedule. Global One allows me to not only interact with other chapter members located around the world, but also take advantage of the best local events that are offered to Global One members.”

YPO Global One is led by a dedicated group of professionals working together to provide the best Chapter experience.

Please reach out to our board with any questions.

Chapter Education Officer
Devlin Fenton

Chapter Youth and Family/Member Program
Shaun Tan

Chapter Forum Officer
Scott Corlett

Chapter Network Officer
Michael Caito

Chapter Spouse Forum Coordinator
Dace Corlett


Please take a moment to watch this video highlighting the benefits of the YPO Global One Chapter.

YPO Global One was founded to provide a Global YPO Experience. We are not bound to a local city, but come together from cities around the world.
We are citizens of the world. Presidents of the world. We are members of YPO, unconstrained by geography. We are inventing a new chapter paradigm, new ways to connect across the planet. We are dedicated to intellectual, personal and business growth — without borders.

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Read more about our 2016 Member Trip – Festival of Inspiration in Bangalore, India 29-30 April

YPO Global One offers several exclusive member events throughout the year to provide educational and social opportunities for our members. These have included trips to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, Bhutan and Haiti. Our latest member event was the Festival of Inspiration in Bangalore, India.

The Festival of Inspiration was a two day boutique festival set amidst the extravagantly royal Leela Palace, Bangalore from April 29th-30th with Mr. Sanjay Raj as the Day Chair for the Chapter. It was an exceptional two day experience where guests were enabled to have real and personal interactions with some of the most inspiring personalities of our time. And the icing on the cake was the exquisitely extravagant entertainment along with heavenly epicurean delights by the top chefs at The Leela Palace. Over 63 people attended this truly “only in YPO” experience.

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Watch our latest Virtual Education session – Build Awesome Culture with Candra Canning

YPO Global One offers a Virtual Education Program which gives our global members the opportunity to learn from world class experts in the comfort of their home or office. The program takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

Our latest webinar on 22 June, 2016, Build Awesome Culture, featured Candra Canning. Candra continues to be a driving force in the Corporate Culture World. This webinar provided a chance to get beyond culture initiatives and into the new frontier of the awe mindset. Infusing your organization with a sense of wonder and awe increases alignment, innovation, and produces extraordinary performance results. Candra gave us the opportunity to peer around the corner into the future of what nature and awe can do for your company and your most important business results.

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