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“YPO Global One invites qualified candidates to apply for membership”
YPO Global One Membership Criteria

Please read our Membership Guidelines and review the YPO membership criteria* below before you apply. If you have questions about membership, please contact Chapter Membership Vice Officers Asha Saxena or Anees Ahmed.

Current YPO Members: Global One is for current YPO members that are in good standing and who want to join an international chapter.

Prospective Members: We encourage prospective members to view a YPO testimonial video prior to setting up an interview. This video will give you an overview of YPO in general.

*Please note that every three years, the YPO membership criteria are adjusted using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). New requirements will go into effect 1 July 2016. Read more >>

Please take a moment to watch this video for an overview of YPO in general.


Please take a moment to view this video highlighting the advantages of the Global One Chapter.

We provide the most flexible and dynamic chapter experience possible. Membership in Global One does not require attendance at monthly chapter meetings. Realizing that our global members have busy travel schedules, we offer quarterly Regional Dinners. Additionally, by not meeting monthly face-to-face, we can offer our members exclusive experiential trips to such places as the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, Bhutan and Haiti. Learn more about our 2016 Member Trip – the Festival of Inspiration – in Bangalore, India and our 2017 Member Trip – Adventure to the Wilds of Patagonia – in Patagonia, Chile.

We deliver the most global and diverse chapter experience. Our members have the most diversity in terms of both geography and industry segments. As such, we do not have the business diversity or membership cap constraints of other local chapters. If your business is truly global in scope, then Global One is for you.

We are pioneering in the Forum experience. Global One provides the most flexible Forum experience in all of YPO. We offer traditional in-person monthly Forums, quarterly in-person regional Forums, a hybrid of in-person/virtual Forums and purely Virtual Forums. This allows your Forum experience to be as diverse in terms of business and geography as your Chapter.

We build community and connectivity through technology. Utilizing the internet, we offer a monthly Virtual Education Program featuring a unique educational topic and speaker, allowing you to connect with and learn from world class experts in the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, we utilize this site to share and connect with other members.

Lower dues Our membership dues are lower (annual dues: US$1750 primary chapter, US$1500 secondary chapter, US$500 temporary transfer member), to offset the greater need for our geographically dispersed members to travel to Global One events and meetings, and to free up our members’ budgets, allowing them to participate in more events and opportunities. The dues are pro-rated throughout the YPO-WPO fiscal calendar year based on the quarter you join the chapter. Our dues help us cover educational events, Forum training, formal membership training, regional fees and benefits, communication and administration. There is no new member initiation fee to join or transfer into the Global One chapter.

The Global One dues are collected all year by the YPO-WPO membership department. After being approved by the Global One board the application is sent to YPO-WPO International for final review and processing. If the information is complete they will send an invoice to the new member/transfer member directly. Once the invoice is paid in full. YPO-WPO membership emails a user name and password into the YPO Exchange website.

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Please review the qualification criteria before completing an application. If you have questions about membership, email

Qualifying Title
YPO membership is open to individuals who are responsible for the full operation of a qualifying corporation or division. Individuals must hold one of the following titles: President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Managing Partner or equivalent of any of these.

Note: There may only be one member of YPO per qualifying company or qualifying division of a company.

Qualifying Age
A new application must be approved by YPO before the applicant reaches his or her 45th birthday. Exceptions may be made for new chapters only.

Corporation Complexity
“Corporation,” as the term is used here, includes incorporated or limited business entities, partnerships and other forms of business organizations deemed, at the discretion of YPO’s Executive Committee, to be substantially equivalent to businesses incorporated under the laws of the appropriate legal jurisdiction. This definition also includes academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations and government entities.

All corporations must be operating businesses not primarily generating passive income. An applicant must be qualified, in addition to age and title, by rules of corporate complexity established by the YPO International Board. The candidate must meet one requirement from each category below – i.e., he or she must meet at least one “A” requirement and one “B” requirement. In exceptional cases presented by currency devaluation or other circumstances, the corporation complexity criteria may be met in other ways.

Corporation Requirements
“A” Requirements
Requirement #1
The candidate must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under his or her control. Persons engaged on a commission basis rather than straight salary are considered employees if they are permanently connected with the corporation and receive their principal livelihood there from. Seasonal employees are not included in YPO’s employee definition.

Requirement #2
The total compensation of all employees, excluding the compensation of the candidate, must exceed US$2,000,000 and a 15 employee minimum.

“B” Requirements
Requirement #1
The corporation must meet dollar volume requirements based on the type of corporation he or she runs, as follows:

• Sales/Services/Manufacturing corporations must have at least US$12,000,000 in gross annual sales or turnover.
• Financial institutions must have average annual assets of at least US$240,000,000.
• Agency-type businesses must have annual fees or commissions billed of at least US$9,000,000.

Requirement #2
The corporation must have an enterprise value of US$15,000,000 as defined by one of the following:

• Net worth of assets before depreciation of US $15,000,000.
• Independent third-party investment/valuation of US $15,000,000.
• The sum of the company’s public equity value plus its debt less cash must equal US$15,000,000.

Please note these are minimum requirements. In addition, membership criteria used in the application must be certified by an outside auditing firm or other approved independent third party. Only externally certified public accountants, chartered accountants or lawyers/attorneys are approved as independent third parties. Please note that individuals on the prospective YPO member company’s staff, regardless of title, are not authorized to certify the membership criteria.

*Please note that every three years, the YPO membership criteria are adjusted using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). New requirements will go into effect 1 July 2016. Read more >>