Forum Opportunities

“YPO Global One is pioneering the
Forum experience in YPO”

New India Forum

The Chapter is forming a new Forum in India and is polling members to find out who is interested! If you are interested, please contact Sanjay Raj.

We provide the most flexible Forum Experience in all of YPO.

Connecting through ForumOur Forum options include traditional in-person monthly, quarterly in-person regional, a hybrid of in-person/virtual and purely virtual. This allows your experience to be as diverse in terms of business and geography as your Chapter.

We sponsor active, local Forums in cities around the world, for both members and spouses/partners. Our membership is growing rapidly and we will continue to establish Global One Forums when we have enough members in a given local area.

We pioneered the launch of Virtual Forums which have moved the in-person experience into a web based collaboration, allowing members to enjoy the experience, but not be bound by geography. Our ultimate goal is to create a better experience online than currently exists with in-person.

What is Forum?

Today in YPO, Forum is a universal language spoken by nearly 19 ,000 YPOWPO members worldwide. This language enables meaningful, instant connections among members, their partners and their young adult children, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. It is so intrinsic to the member’s YPO experience that its key elements have been codified, and the Forum Code is an integral part of YPO’s education programs, encouraging peer exchange, community building and a deeper exploration of members’ most pressing issues.

Forum is also a set of essential skills including active listening, coaching, small group leadership, and conflict resolution that, when practiced regularly, enhance members’ effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.

Forum is widely considered the most valuable experience offered to YPO members, their spouses/partners and young adult children. More YPOers and their spouses participate in this experience than any other single YPO activity. Ask any YPO member what it has done for them, and he or she will likely tell you that it has made them a better president, partner, parent and person.

Learn more about Forum – read What is Forum?
Watch a video – What is Forum and What is Spouse Forum

Forum Fundamental Training

We recommend all members attend fundamental trainings. They provide a solid foundation where members learn the language, structure and protocol that will facilitate their worldwide YPO connections. As a YPO Global One member your registration fee is covered – simply email Chapter Director Samantha Borland upon your registration.

Forum training opportunities:
Europe – Middle East – Africa
Asia – Australia – New Zealand

Testimonials from YPO Members on the Forum Experience

“Forum provides the single most important experience that is lacking in the upper echelon of management, completely confidential exchange from which you obtain unbiased, caring, insightful knowledge that you can never get from your in-house management team, board of directors or business partners.”
– Member, YPO Bahama

“Forum is very special … it’s when you rush to the hospital emergency room in the middle of the night for your son, and you look up at a sea of strange doctors’ faces … and then you notice a YPO Forum member quietly standing in the corner … and you never even called him.”
– YPO Member

Questions? Contact our Forum Officers:
Chapter Forum Officer
Scott Corlett

Chapter Spouse Forum Coordinator
Dace Corlett