Please take a moment to play this video in which our 2016-2017 Chapter Chair Devlin Fenton speaks about the future of the Chapter.

As 2016-2017 Chapter Chair Devlin Fenton explains, as a Chapter
1. We are listening.
2. We are evolving.
3. We are dominating.

YPO Global One was founded to provide a Global YPO Experience. We are not bound to a local city, but come together from cities around the world. We are citizens of the world. Presidents of the world. We are members of YPO, unconstrained by geography. We are inventing a new chapter paradigm, new ways to connect across the planet.

We are dedicated to intellectual, personal and business growth — without borders.

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YPO Global One Festival of Inspiration

Register here – Festival of Inspiration 2016 in New Delhi, India 25-26 August

You are invited to experience the inspiration we call “India” – deeply rooted in heritage, colored by diversity and shrouded in mysticism, this country’s spirit will ignite yours!

Set in the capital and bustling metropolis of New Delhi, the 2nd Festival of Inspiration is an immersive two-day experience that packs in keynotes from thought leaders, soul-searching artistic expressions, culinary adventures and, of course, ample time for meaningful conversations and making friends.

Come, discover India.

Rediscover yourself!

Starts: Friday August 25 16:00 IST
Ends: Saturday August 26 23:00 IST
Location: ITC Maurya, New Delhi
Audience: Member and/or Spouse (children welcome)

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Watch world class leaders in business – Building Awesome Culture with YPOer Jessica Mah.

Jessica Mah is sharing an interactive session and will address key-learning moments from her experience as a leader:

“The success, failure and success again for inDinero has always been a product of its people. inDinero 1.0 was powered by a millennial mixture of employees that were NOT molded in the same image of co-founder and CEO Jessica Mah and the company failed as a result.’
“Today, inDinero’s full of extremely entrepreneurial, millennial-aged staff, many of whom have started their own businesses and it’s that drive to startup and finish that’s responsible for inDinero’s current success.”
“inDinero has no traditional managers or bosses, and Slack has replaced much of what old-school email used to do, but at the end of the day, inDinero 2.0’s people and “all team, same team” culture of diversity makes it all go.”
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